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A Montessori education nurtures curious minds into
 confident, capable
global citizens.

montessori primary school auckland

Benefits of Montessori 

Greetings from West Auckland Montessori Trust. Please explore our website for information about the incredible Montessori primary programme we proudly support at Huapai District School in Auckland. We are passionate about Montessori education because it truly unleashes each child’s unique potential and strengthens their relationship with their world. Montessori is globally recognised as a leading method of education that is holistic and individualised education, and caters to development of the whole child. With a focus on independence, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, students develop the skills necessary to both adapt and excel in our ever-changing world. 

Montessori at Huapai

montessori primary school auckland

Montessori Primary School

We are proud to partner with Huapai District School so that young learners can enjoy all the amazing benefits of a quality Montessori primary school education. Situated in Kumeu, North West of Auckland, the classroom offers an authentic individualised, supportive and engaging Montessori learning experience.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are all Montessori primary school qualified and experienced in delivering specialised Montessori learning for our children. 

montessori primary school auckland


Here are the questions often asked by new families. If you can't find an answer, don't hesitate to contact us.


Montessori primary at Huapai District School is now processing enrolments for 2023/2024.

Interested families are invited to enquire directly with Huapai District School. The classrooms take only a limited number of new school-aged children each term, so it's highly encouraged to submit your interest early. We look forward to welcoming new families.

montessori primary school auckland

About WAMT

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